Harika Olive Oil

Production of olive oil has a long history and tradition in Turkey. It is one of the most significant agricultural products in the nation and significantly boosts the economy of the nation. Turkey is one of the top ten producers of olive oil in the world, with the majority of its output coming from the Mediterranean area.
Turkish extra virgin olive oil is sold under the brand name “Harika Olive Oil.” The best olive oil is extra virgin, which is produced by cold pressing olives without any chemical processing.
Since extra virgin olive oil is less processed than other types and preserves more of the healthy chemicals and natural antioxidants present in olives, it is said to be healthier than other forms of olive oil. Additionally, it has a rich, slightly bitter flavour, which is regarded as a mark of superior quality.
Kador imports the Harika Olive Oil from Turkey, because the Mediterranean region of Turkey, has an ideal climate for the development of olive trees, is where olives are farmed. One of the greatest in the world, Turkish olive oil is renowned for its excellent quality, fruity flavour, and powerful aroma.

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